Ends on December 15, 2018

$3.00 USD

Because your submission will be seen by numerous readers and editors, our tastes are eclectic. However, every reader and editor has one thing in common—we want stories that thrill. Whether your story is hilarious, gripping, or gut-wrenching, we want you to draw us in immediately and force us to read to the final line. Everything else, really, is just formatting.

Formatting: We accept fiction up to 3,000 words. Submissions should be one short story or up to three flash pieces each under 750 words. Novel excerpts are OK if self-contained. Stories that contain visuals or art are welcome as long as you own the copyrights. 

We also ask that you use standard manuscript formatting for fonts, margins, and spacing. Finally, remember to remove your name and other identifying information from all manuscript pages.  

We only consider previously unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please remember to let us know if it has been accepted elsewhere.

Submissions close on December 15. We will reopen for submissions for the 2020 issue following winter break.